About me


Photographs are personal, powerful and can be absolutely vital depending on their usage. With every client, no matter what the need, it is of utmost importance that I fully understand the desired outcome and what the photos are for so I can create exactly what you, the client, is looking for.


For Headshots for actors, everyone is different. Some are powerful, lead role individuals, some are soft, subtle and understated characters and a one-style-fits-all approach doesn't work for a whole industry of individuals. The important thing is to get your personality across and stand out from the crowd to get that call!


Feel free to have a look at a few of the photos I have taken so you can see that everyone is different and then get in touch and we can work out what will work best for you.

Please send me an email about availability with details of what you want to achieve, I would love to hear from you regarding any kind of project or need for images whether for professional, personal or commercial. I also shoot Events and  Weddings.


Fees will vary depending on the complexity of the shoot, location (and fees to the location if required) and the amount of post-shoot editing that may be needed to get the desired outcome. I am also always open to TFP shoots by mutual interest with a model.


Send me an email via the Contact Page I will get back to you as soon as possible.